BLOSSOM – new moon women’s circle

This is a safe space and sacred container to commit to yourself and your growth in sync with the Lunar cycles.

Working with the manifestation process, inner work, embodiment practices and ritual to access our fullest, highest potential.

Celebrating the magic and the energies of the new moon and the connectedness to the natural cycles.

Every month we join in circle under the new moon to ease, release, relax and align with our inner truth & higher self.

Using the medicine of 

☾ cacoa 

☾ guided meditation

☾ sound healing 

☾ yin yoga 

☾ breath work 

☾ sacred movement 

☾ soul inquiry 

☾ and rituals


Throughout the year the moon moves through different houses of the zodiac with this highlighting every month a different area of our life. She invites us to use her as a guide for liberation and growth in each area addressed.

You are heartfelt welcome to join us in these circles during this year.

Every month under the new moon we release, heal and grow together.

Safe these dates and let us come together under the new moon, for an evening of connection and growth. 

Let us join our energies to blossom open so we can rise and shine our light and share our love.

NEW MOON RITUALS – safe these dates if you feel the calling

◉ 19.01. New Snow Moon in Capricorn to Aquarius – Cycle of unpredicticatability

◉ 18.02.  New Worm Moon in Pisces – attunement to the present moment

◉ 21.03.  New Pink Moon in Pisces to Aries – path to self

◉ 20.04. New Flower Moon in Taurus – revolutionary shifts

◉ 20.06.  New Buck Moon in Gemini to cancer – the power of the mind

◉ 18.07.  New Sturgeon Moon in Cancer – self-care & self intimacy

◉ 15.08.  New Blue Moon in Leo – creative fire

◉ 16.09.  New Harvest Moon in Virgo (to Libra) -on the path of the Devine 

◉ 14.10.  New Hunter’s Moon in Libra –  new ways of relating

◉ 14.11.  New Beaver Moon in Scorpio – endings and beginnings

◉ 12.12.  New Cold Moon in Sagittarius to Capricorn – commitment to integrity

We are so much looking forward to walk this path together with you.

Sending love

Coco & Adi Tera

Join us – enter the circle – blossom open

your are heartfelt welcome

send your message & reserve your spot

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