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Dynamic Meditation

18. Mai 2019 @ 19:00 - 20:30


Dynamic Meditation and ecstatic dance

On Aprils full moon evening we will start off the dynamic meditation and dance series of this summer. Maybe you are familiar with this kind of moving meditation, and you love already to dance without thinking about „how do I look“, „what do others think of me“,… but if you never tried it, it might scare you,.. but ecstatic dance and dynamic meditation is nothing to be scared about. It is everything far from that at it offers you a space to just be, to move what wasn’t moved for a while and to dance as like no one is watching you.

On this evening we might start with some kind of Kundalini or dynamic meditation, shifting over into a ecstatic dance.

I will post an excerpt of an interview with Osho – the founder of dynamic meditation, so you can read a little bit about it and get familiar with the concept.

I am looking forward sharing this experience with you!

OM sweet OM

Can you explain what effects the different stages of Osho Dynamic Meditation have on the states of one’s body, heart, brain and mind?
They will have many effects. The practice of meditation, the meditation that I teach, will have any number of physiological results.
Many physical diseases can disappear, longevity can increase and many chemical changes can take place in the body. Numerous glands of the body that are, at the moment, as good as dead, can be activated.
We have no idea what the psychologists now say, even the physiologists say, about anger. When one is angry, they say, a particular kind of poison is released in the body. But up to now they have not been able to know what it is that happens in the case of love. As in anger a special kind of poison is released, so in love a special kind of nectar is released in the body. But because love is a rare phenomenon in our world, a loving man has yet to visit a scientist’s lab. That is why the scientist has not been able to detect it.
If meditation has its full impact, the body begins to secrete nectar or ambrosia, which symbolizes immortality.

Meditation has really deep chemical effects on the body.
Those who go deep into meditation begin to see extraordinary colors, smell uncommon perfumes and hear unheard of sounds. Extraordinary waves of light and sound begin to flow through them. These are all chemical effects of meditation. You will see fantastic colors, such as you have never seen before. In fact, the whole chemistry of the body undergoes a sea change.
The body begins to perceive, think and understand things in a different way altogether. All the electric circuits of the body change.
Just as a good deal happens at the level of the body, so also a great deal happens at the level of the mind. The possibilities are really great.

What is the effect of deep breathing on the brain and the heart, etc?

As soon as you begin deep breathing, the proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body will change. There is a particular amount of carbon and oxygen in our body; deep breathing will change its ratio. And as soon as this ratio changes, consequent changes take place in the whole body, including the brain, the blood and the nervous system. Oxygen and carbon dioxide, in particular proportions, form the whole basis of our existence, and a change in their proportions changes everything.

Is Osho Dynamic Meditation the same as auto-hypnosis?

This meditation agrees with auto-hypnosis to a large extent, but at the last point it parts company. It is largely linked with hypnosis; its first three stages, except the witnessing part of it, belong to hypnosis as such.
The witnessing, which is needed throughout its practice, the awareness on the part of the meditator that the breath is in and out, that the body is shaking and spinning, that he is a watcher on the hill – this witnessing has nothing to do with hypnosis.
This is the difference. And the difference is fundamental, basic. But the rest of it is a process of hypnosis.
The process of hypnosis is very significant. Linked with witnessing, it becomes meditation. But hypnosis separated from witnessing becomes unconsciousness. You will become unconscious if you use hypnosis alone. And you will be awakened if you use witnessing with hypnosis.
So the difference between the two is vast. But their ways are similar to a great extent; it is only at the end that they part with each other.

Osho In Search of the Miraculous

I’ve heard you say that Osho Dynamic helps unblock the bodymind and dissolves fixations. Can you explain how the basic fixations can drop in this way?

There are seven chakras. The first, and the most basic, is called muladhar. The muladhar chakra is the center where sex energy is right now available, but the society has damaged that chakra very much.
This muladhar chakra has three angles to it: one is oral, the mouth; the second is anal and the third is genital. The child starts his life with the oral, and because of wrong upbringing, many people remain at the oral, they never grow. That’s why so much smoking, chewing gum, continuous eating, happens. This is an oral fixation they remain in the mouth.
Then a few people change from oral and they become stuck at the anal, because the second great damage happens with the toilet training. Children are forced to go to the toilet at a certain time. And because of constipation many other things grow into the human mind. A man becomes a hoarder – a hoarder of knowledge, hoarder of money, hoarder of virtue becomes a hoarder and becomes miserly. He cannot leave anything! Whatsoever he grabs, he holds it. With this anal emphasis, great damage happens to the muladhar because the man or the woman has to go to the genital. If they get fixated at the oral or at the anal, they never go to the genital. That is the trick the society has used up to now not to allow you to become fully sexual.
Then anal fixation becomes so important that genitals become less important. Hence, so much homosexuality. Homosexuality will not disappear from the world until and unless anal-orientation disappears. Toilet training is a greatly dangerous training.
Then, if some people become genital – if somehow they are not fixated at the oral and the anal and become genital – then there is great guilt created in humanity about sex. Sex has been condemned so much, you cannot enjoy it.
That’s why energy remains fixated somewhere: oral, anal, genital. It cannot go upwards.
For oral freedom: screaming, laughing, shouting, crying, weeping, is very helpful. And to relieve you of the anal fixation, pranayam bastrika – fast chaotic breathing – is very helpful, because it hits directly on the anal center and makes you able to relieve and relax the anal mechanism.
Hence the Osho Dynamic Meditation is of tremendous value.

Then the sex center: the sex center has to be relieved of the burden of guilt, condemnation. You have to start relearning about it; only then can the damaged sex center function in a healthy way. You have to start relearning to enjoy it – without any guilt.
…The muladhar chakra has to be relaxed – relaxed from constipation, relaxed from diarrhea. The muladhar chakra has to function at the optimum, one hundred percent, then energy starts moving.
…Tantra says don’t avoid sex and don’t avoid death. Once you accept death and you are not afraid of it, once you accept sex and you are not afraid of it, your two lower centers are relaxed. These two things are there in everybody’s life, so society has destroyed both centers and tried to manipulate man, dominate man, through these two things. If these first two centers are helped, energy starts moving.

Osho The Tantra Vision



18. Mai 2019
19:00 - 20:30


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