As you have read already, Vinyasa Power Yoga is a fluent and pretty modern yoga stile that uses strong and soft sequences that will get you into the experience of strength and flow, flexibility and relaxation. Every class will follow the principles of activation of our body and mind to than calm both down to finally in the end dive deep into deep relaxation. This whole composition of a vinyasa flow will leave you with a special feeling of softness and strength.

We can emphasis the effect of a yoga class, depending on how we design the sequences. They can be very calming, when we emphasize the asanas that calm our nerval system and release tension our bodies. This is a more Yang-Style class.

But to „rock our heart“ can as well do very good to our body and mind. This is why we are as well offering classes, designed with sequences to push our heart rate to stimulate our body and get some cardio-training effects. They have some HIIT (high intensity interval ) elements.

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