Alchemy Pleasure Dance is Created and facilitated by Morgana Villén.
Dancer, Masseuse & Holistic therapist, Ovarian breathing & water massage therapist & Doula.
She specialised in physical emotional release & sacred sexuality.

ALCHEMY PLEASURE DANCE is an invitation to create a safe space where to allow our bodies to experience inner pleasure & all of what it brings.

To know how to awaken our body´s pleasure is to understand from inside that pleasure is a gift inherent to life.
To know our bodies, our anatomy, to connect with our cycles to bring us to a more blissful experience of our feminine encounter. Awaken our wild woman, allow our instinct to emerge exploring the pleasure of being ourselves in stillness & movement.

🌀You would like to relax and ease your mind.
🌀You dare to shake up your body with a cocktail of pleasure hormones.
🌀You want to increase your capacity to feel pleasure.
🌀You want to discover your own inner dance.
🌀You experience your menstrual cycle or menopause with pain or unpleasant symptoms.
🌀There is a part of you which connects pleasure to guilt or shame.
🌀You would like to free your body from traumatic memories.
🌀You were taught or somehow learned that your sexual energy is only to be used to have sexual relationships.
🌀You usually feel tired and/or lack vitality.
🌀You have vaginal dryness, lack of libido, difficulty to feel pleasure, lack of orgasms.
🌀You feel disconnected to your own feminity and experience it as a burden.
🌀You only give attention to your sexual reproductive organs only when symptoms or pain arise.

You don´t need to have previous experience in dance or meditation.


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