Once a month we will go on a Transformational breathwork journey and deep dive into our subconsciousness & body wisdom to release deeply stored blockages, memories, traumas & overwhelm,…

Transformational breathwork uses consciously connected breathing techniques to facilitate personal and spiritual transformation. You will be guided on a journey to consciously let go of the past to heal, grow and transform. Breath work can support a number of challenges that someone can face in their life and comes with a number of benefits, including;

🪬Increasing positive emotions

🪬Releasing negative emotions

🪬Releasing trauma

🪬Reducing stress

Transformational breathwork is an incredibly powerful and profound experience that has the ability to unlock and transform your true self. I am pleased to introduce these Transformational Breathwork Journeys which are ideal for those looking to dive deep into their healing and experience more joy and freedom.

✨🪬Your Journey today🪬✨

Join me, Coco Achnger, as your Breathwork Facilitator and Guide, as we deep dive into the subconscious mind in this 90-minutes Transformational Breathwork Journey.

After opening the space, I will introduce the theme of the practice and train you in the conscious connect breathing technique you will use during the journey.

After a demonstration of the breath and guidance on safety, you’ll lie down comfortably, and be guided through 40 minutes of activating breathwork, set to curated music to support your journey inward.

I will then guide you to help you sink deeper into the subconscious mind and help you sow seeds of change and growth.

Afterwards, I will then hold space for you as you savour your journey experience and slowly reintegrate back into your space. More time than is scheduled will be on offer to allow you to reintegrate slowly if needed.

I am very much looking forward to go with you on these journeys.
Con mucho amor

1:1 Transformational Breathwork Journey
Your Personal Gateway to Transformation

Looking for a deeper, more personalized experience? Embark on a 1:1 Transformational Breathwork Journey with me. Each individual session is tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives, providing a safe and intimate setting for profound self-discovery and healing.

These exclusive 2-hour sessions offer more than just breathwork. We integrate personal coaching to help you navigate the emotional and spiritual landscapes you wish to explore. By focusing on your individual goals, I guide you through specialized techniques that allow you to dive deep into your very own transformation journey.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Personalized coaching to identify and address your specific challenges and aspirations
  • Targeted breathwork techniques to unlock emotional blockages
  • Insight into actionable steps for continuing your transformative journey post-session
  • An experience tailored to your spiritual, emotional, and physical needs

Book Your 1:1 Transformational Breathwork Journey:
Don’t miss the opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself and accelerate your journey towards wellness and fulfillment. Schedule your 1:1 Transformational Breathwork Journey today and take the first step in your personalized pathway to transformation. Your investment: 220.-€

Book your Transformational Breathwork Journey here


    𓆙♡☆ 7th of Oktober  11am – 01 pm at the sweet OM garden

    𓆙♡☆ 27th of Oktober  7pm – 9pm at Yoga Del Mar Studio

    𓆙♡☆ 17th of November  tba

    This Transformational Breathwork Journey costs 35.-€ .

    Please reserve your spot via the contact form.

    Please note that your reservation is confirmed once you have transferred the payment as the spots are limited to 10 (head sets)

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