A private yoga session is a great gift you can give to yourself once and a while. There are various reasons why it is recommended to take a private yoga session:

-> You might be new to yoga? Than it could it could be good for you to get to know she important details about yoga, breathing and moving. In a private class you have the complete attention of the teacher and you will learn your personal adaptations of postures, according to your physical state and goals that you are having.

-> You might have a certain topic that you want to emphasise? than a private session is the perfect choice. Make sure to let us know ahead what you are looking for so we can design the session according to your wishes and needs

-> You might want to develop a home practice? Together with a teacher in your private session you can make sure to develop a great flow for your individual body needs. If it is to tone and strength or to gain more flexibility in a certain area or if it is to lern by heart your personalised yoga routine. A private session will bring you closer to these goals.

You have some other ideas why it could be good for you to book a private yoga session? I am curious! Please send me a brief message about your motivation.

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